I am Sorry. The Kwoon is closed until further notice due to my personal health after Covid. If I ever re-open, I will contact people personally who have expressed interest.

Bak Mei: White EyeBrow Gung-Fu

Chin-Na: Joint Locks

San Da: Freestyle Sparring

Hello, my name is Riun (Ryan) Rabatach and I am moving to the Edmonton region to teach traditional Bak Mei Gung Fu to preserve the art and promote amateur athletics as has been taught to me. I will update the site once the full move and Kwoon are open for business. 

At the Bak Mei Gung Fu Academy I will instruct you in forms, Chin-Na, San-Da, and conditioning. The secrets of the art are not held back. At the Bak Mei Gung-Fu Academy we believe in teaching Gung-Fu for self defense. The only way to do this is to be upfront about what I teach. The old ways are important for tradition and preserving Bak Mei. However, in this day and age where everyone is busy with their lives, the secrets of the art are not withheld.

Bak Mei Gung-Fu is an incredibly diverse fighting art that relies on dedication and discipline. It is characterised by short and powerful in close strikes to defeat your opponent and eliminate a threat. The only thing that I ask: If you are here to train, leave your ego at the door and train to the best of your ability. That is the true essence of Gung-Fu training.

​With my close ties to the Calgary Bak Mei Chin-Na San-Da Academy through the teachings of my mentor Sifu Ed Wong, I will teach you Bak Mei Gung Fu as he has taught me for all of these years. 

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