What is Bak Mei/ White Eyebrow Gung Fu?


-Bak Mei Gung Fu also known as White Eyebrow, is characterized by short striking in fighting power using the four principles of ‘floating’ (fou); ‘sinking’ (chum); ‘swallowing’ (tun); and ‘spitting’ (tou). These four principles combined with closed range hand strikes using the phoenix eye fist combine to form a very aggressive martial arts style.

-The goal of Bak Mei Gung Fu is to nullify your opponents attacks by intercepting and jamming their strikes at the same time disrupting their balance to ultimately finish the attack.

-Bak Mei Gung Fu also uses various low kicks, joint manipulations techniques, and ground fighting methods to be able to face different opponents.

-Bak Mei Gung Fu focuses on different animal spirits and the strikes are executed using explosive power (faat ging- rotational force) which at first appears to be a very external style of Kung Fu. In fact, due to the breathing techniques and rotational energy, Bak Mei is an external and internal style of Gung Fu.

-At the Bak Mei ChinNa San-Da Academy in Gatineau, all of these techniques are taught and no secrets are withheld. After some proficiency is obtained, free style sparring is introduced so that students can use the techniques they have learned in a ‘safe’ fighting environment. Make no mistake, I teach Bak Mei Kung Fu so that students can face the streets prepared mentally and physically for whatever may come their way.

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