This page is under development and will be updated once complete. Thank you for your patience. However, this is the list of all the masters that have taught this martial art. I am waiting to get more pics and also to put history into writing.

Bak Mei

1g-sijo pakmei

Bak Mei (White Eyebrow) is the founder of this system of Kung Fu. He was a Taoist.

SiJo Kwong Wai

There is no know photo of SiJo Kwong Wai. He was a Shaolin Abbot.

SiJo Chuk Fat Wan

3g-sijo chukfatwan

Sijo Chuk Fat Wan was a Shaolin Monk.

SiJo Cheung Lai Chuen

4g-sijo cheunglaichun

SiJo Cheung Lai Chuen is considered to be the Yip Man of Bak Mei Kung Fu. He was the first person to bring Bak Mei out of the Shaolin Temple and was the first non monk to be taught the system.

Both SiJo Ha Hon Hung and SiJo Yau Yen Wu were the top disciples of Cheung Lai Chuen. 

SiGung Liu Shao Quan was my Sifu’s master and I also had the honour of training under him until Sifu Ed Wong formed his own school. 

Sifu Ed Wong
and finally me; Riun Rabatach and of course my Sifu Ed Wong after some training with the butterfly swords. 

The history and lineage of Bak Mei Gung Fu is deep rooted and often portrayed in a mysterious light. However, we must go by the oral history of the masters above and no matter what, the style is how it is to this day. What is known for sure is that Cheung Lai Chuen was taught Bak Mei pre WW2 and the focus was on iron body, bridging, and the cultivation of combat techniques via street fighting in China. The lineage is deep and complex but it can be traced back to the source. 

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