The Brothas!!

The Warriors Path

There are several levels that students will train, each one having specific goals that need to be met so that we can accurately measure progress together.

At each level students will learn various techniques and learn to apply those techniques so that a student can focus the mind and spirit to balance with the body.

There are expectations from Students who enter the Academy and the Kwoon to train:  Train Without Ego; Be Respectful; And Train Hard!

Level 1 & Level 2 (The Foundation)

-Stance, Footwork, Bak Mei Posture, Breathing, Strikes, Kicks

-The fundamentals of; Fou, Chum, Tun, and Tou

-Conditioning, Pad Work, Three distances, Three gates

-Introduction to free form fighting

-Building knowledge and actual application of the techniques

-Forms: Jik Bo, ​Siu Sek Si, Sam Mun Bagua

Level 3

-Continued work on advancing with Level 1 & 2 techniques

-Essential Bak Mei Ground Fighting Techniques through the form and applications from the form; Dei Sat Ground Killing Fist 

-Chain punches, Speed Drills, Take downs, leg sweeps, scissor kicks, short power, and free form fighting

Level 4 & 5

Advanced levels of Kung Fu Training in Bak Mei

More forms including; Dai Sek Si, Sei Mun Bagua, Gau Bo Toi

Reinforcing all previous levels and techniques. Lots of pad work and ground fighting

Continued conditioning of the body

Fluid knowledge of the techniques and how to employ them in a given situation

Level 6 & 7

Each of these levels of training are only for the most advanced and dedicated students

The forms taught at these levels are: Ying Jow Lim Kiu and Mang Fu Ha San

Level 8 & 9

Forms: Sup Bat Mo Kiu and Mang Fu Cheut Lam

All previous techniques and skills that have been taught are worked on continuously. 

At this level of training, along with the continued perfection on external exercises of Bak Mei Gung Fu, the practitioner is also applying fundamental internal techniques that have been learnt from day one. More emphasis is placed on quality than on quantity and the free flowing nature of the forms is applied. These upper levels are the ones that I am at on my personal journey with Bak Mei Gung Fu. I am learning every single day and the more that I practice the more aware that I am of the need for continued internal reflection on the techniques. If I do not have the answers at hand, I will get them for you. 

Weapons training is provided at all levels when I feel that a student is ready. They are truly an extension of empty hand techniques. Some of the weapons that I have training in are the crutches (tonfa), broadsword, staff, and butterfly swords.

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