This page has links and resources the first of which is my Sifu and close friend whom without him, this site or my development would not be possible. We have shared lots of incredible memories on my journey as a student with him. I am always grateful. At first he was my Sifu, but as time went by he has become my best friend. What I am getting at is this; We train in martial arts to better ourselves, but on that journey many more experiences happen and friendships develop born out of mutual respect and integrity for what we believe in. Sifu Ed Wong is my best friend, and that was only possible through the training that we did together.

If you are ever in the Calgary, AB area and want to see Gung Fu as it is meant to be then I highly suggest you get in touch with him. He is the epitome of Bak Mei and his teaching skills are incredible. You will not be dissapointed.

Sifu Ed Wong’s webpage:

and of course his Facebook page:

Special mention goes out to my Sihing, Danny ‘The Danimal’ K. The three of us (Sifu, Danny, and I) have sure trained hard in this art and there is not a person out there that I know who is tougher, has more honor, or is more hard working than him. Aside from Sifu, I often seek his guidance in this life. Cheers Bro!

Danny and I

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